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Online Betting in Australia

Australian love their sport and as a result, they also enjoy wagering on the likes of the AFL, NBA and the A-League. Over 80% of adults in Australia engage in some form of gambling and events such as the AFL Grand Final and the Melbourne Cup always result in frenzied betting activity online.

Online Betting in Australia

Many Australian events have also started to become increasingly popular throughout the Southern Hemisphere and many European punters have also latched onto some of the big races and sporting events. Many UK-based bookmakers have previously opened Australian arms of their business with the likes of Bet365 and Ladbrokes enjoying success down under.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Australia?

Yes, absolutely. The Interactive Gambling Act was passed in 2001 and online betting has continued to grow ever since. It is not an offence to gamble online and the recent changes to the law have also allowed Australian companies to offer their services to punters outside of the country.

The Australian Government view gambling winnings as a result of good fortune and therefore there is no tax on any profit made from betting online.

Anyone over the age of 18 may place an online wager in Australia. Each territory will have slightly different laws and it’s always best to double check these before signing up.

What Sports Are Popular in Australia?

There are a number of different sports which are extremely popular with Australians. Aussie Rules is amongst the most-watched and the AFL is a hugely competitive and popular division. It begins in March and will conclude at the end of September with the AFL Grand Final. This showdown is the most-watched event in Southern Hemisphere and it also provokes a huge amount of gambling activity. Online bookmakers will promote their prices and offers for the AFL Grand Finals weeks in advance and they also offer on-going outright markets throughout the course of the season.

Australian sports fans are also hugely passionate about cricket and all test matches will be priced up on bookmaker’s websites. Long-form cricket is extremely popular down under due to the opportunity to enjoy several days of relaxed sporting activity in the sunshine and many punters will regularly place in-play bets throughout the contest. Other competitions such as the Cricket World Cup, 20/20 World Cup and the Big Bash League have also attracted plenty of interest in recent years and always see a steady stream of bets placed throughout.

Horse racing is a sport which appears to be having a resurgence. Wonder-mare Winx has helped attract plenty of outsiders to the sport and there are now more top quality race-days than ever before. Additional meetings have seen a number of European and American horses travel to Australia in recent years and that has increased the level of competition. Many punters enjoy the quick-fix offered by horse racing and following all of the action is incredibly simple.

Tennis is another sport which is popular with bettors, particularly during the early part of the year. The Australian Open is the most punted tennis event of the season although all four Grand Slams attract plenty of interest. There have been a number of Aussie tennis players who have broken into the top 100 recently and that has helped attract more punters to the sport and as a result, an increasing amount of interest in the betting markets.

The NBA is another league which is increasingly popular in Australia. A division containing some of the world’s finest players is always going to be an enticing prospect but it has certainly struck a chord down under and there are always plenty of bets placed on the NBA. Unfortunately the time different doesn’t always allow matches to be enjoyed live but it doesn’t stop wagers being processed.

Finally, Soccer is also very popular with Australians although the nation does tend to be divided when it comes to this sport. The A-League is a division which has been constantly improving over the last ten years and the Socceroos’ progress in International tournaments has certainly helped it. However, it is still eclipsed by the English Premier League and the Champions League which tend to be the most-watched soccer events each season.

What Markets are Popular?

To Win – This is the simplest market available and although there are some prohibitive odds, Australians still enjoy putting together multiple teams into one bet. This market only requires your chosen team to triumph in order to receive a pay-out. This is particularly popular when it comes to Aussie Rules, Soccer and Cricket.

Line –This is slightly more complex and requires either team to cover a set handicap. Short-priced favourites are often given a figure (-8.5 for example) and they will be required to outscore this margin in order to pay-out. For example, Collingwood would need to beat Geelong by nine clear points (points total subtracted by 8.5) for your bet to be a winner. The line is used to make the game an even contest from a betting persuasion.

Underdogs are usually given a head start (for example +8.5) and they would be required to stay within eight points of their opponents in order to pay-out.

Totals –This market is extremely popular due to the fact it doesn’t require a winner to be predicted. Punters must determine whether it will be a high scoring or low scoring contest. This can be affected by a variety of factors and the line is usually decided by the online bookmaker days before the game gets underway.

Horse Racing

To Win – Very simple, pick a horse to finish first past the post.

To Place – This requires your horse to finish in the top two or three places (depending on the amount of runners). This will be paid out at a fraction of the starting price but it is a terrific way of betting on bigger-price outsiders.

Exacta – This is much tougher but will result in much bigger prizes. It requires punters to predict the two horses who will finish first and second in the EXACT order.

Types of Bet Available

Single – Still the most popular way of playing with most punters using single bets to turn a regular profit. This is one single wager which will pay out at the advertised odds.

In-Play – As previously mentioned, this is an increasingly popular way of playing particularly when it comes to cricket or tennis. Events can change quickly in sport and this is a great of capitalising on the ever-changing prices. Most online bookmakers will have a dedicated section which offers the latest prices even once the event has begun.

Accumulator – Also known as an ‘all up’ in Australian, this is a combination of several different bets all rolled into one. These are extremely popular due their high pay-outs and low stakes but they are notoriously hard to land. Online bookmakers allow punters to place an accumulator containing several different sports and leagues.

Pick 3 – Also known as a treble. This contains three different selections and like an accumulator, it can contain several different sports and may also feature events which begin at the opposite end of the day.

Popular Payment Methods in Australia

Credit and debit cards remain the most-used way of funding betting account and they are universally accepted by all online operators. They are quick and easy to use and it only takes second to make a deposit using this method.

Punters who don’t fancy flashing the plastic can opt to top up their betting account using a variety of different methods including:

Paypal – One of many e-wallets which allow a separate fund to be stored for online transactions. This is handy way of depositing and there is seldom any charge for using this method.Neteller and Skrill are other examples of e-wallets which are accepted by most Australian bookmakers.

Bank Transfer – A way of bypassing credit or debit cards. This allows punters to transfer large amounts of money between their bank and betting account. It is easy and safe to do this.

Poli – This is a payment system which is unique to Australia and New Zealand and it is completely free to use. It is a method of transferring instantly between accounts and can be used online or on mobile.

Pre-Paid Vouchers – These are handy for bettors on a budget or those who wish to keep a tight watch on their finances. These are accepted by most Australian bookmakers and allow customers to purchase credit online or from shops.


Only certain territories can claim bookmaker bonuses so it’s always advised to check before you sign up. These give bettors a decent head start when it comes to online gambling and usually come in the form of a % deposit bonus. This means that new customers will be able to claim a percentage of their first deposit and may use this to wager with.

These often come with a wagering requirement from the online bookmaker. It’s always best to check before playing.


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