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Single Bet vs Combo Bet

Every single sports bettor once in the lifetime asks this question. Is it better to play single bets or is it better to play combo bets with multiple selections? This is the fair question because both ways have advantages and disadvantages. Single bets are the more conventional style of sports betting, while combo bets can bring the much bigger profit to the sports bettor.

“Single bet” or “Combo bet”?

In this article, we will write about all the advantages and disadvantages so you can decide what style of betting suits you best.

Pros and Cons of Combo Bets

The most important advantage of combo bets is the possibility to win big amounts of money with a relatively small stake. That is not possible with single bets.

For example, if you find four suitable bets with some nice odds (for example 2.00) and decide to make a small stake (for example 10 Euro), you can win 3.200 Euro, while if you play those four bets in single selections, potential win is “just” 800 Euro with 400 Euro stake. So the difference here is obvious.

Also, when you place a combo bet, the margin is slightly lower than when you place a single bet selection.

Combo Bet example
Combo Bet example

So with proven and successful strategy bettor can make a significant profit playing combo bet selections. There are several types of combo bets, doubles (two selections), trebles (three selections), while all other combo bets with four or more selections are called – 4, 5, 6-fold.

It is essential to know one thing. If you miss just one selection from your Multiple bet, you lose entire stake. Even if you are master combo sports bettor, you need to know that you will win rarely, but when you win, you will win big.

Pros and Cons of Single Bets

In our humble opinion, for long-term profit it is better to play single selections. We will try to show that on an example as always.

If you have two games that you like and want to bet one, it is much better to play two single bets than one double combo bet. Let us assume both selections are with 2.00 odds.

Single Bet example
Single Bet example

If you play two single bets with 100 Euro stake, your total stake is 200 Euro, and potential profit is 200 Euro (100 Euro * 2.00 = 200 Euro – 100 Euro stake).

If you play double bet with 100 euro stake, your total stake is 100 Euro, and potential profit is 300 euro (100 Euro * 4.00 = 400 euro – 100 euro stake).

At first glance, it seems like a good idea to play double instead of two single bets, as you will risk lower amount and potential win is twice bigger. That is the common mistake many novice bettors make. On the long term, it is better to risk more and to win lower amount than to play combo bets.

Imagine that you managed to predict correctly just one of the two selections. Playing single bets, you will not lose any money, as winning bet will cover your loss on a lost bet. But if you decided to play double, you will lose an entire stake in that situation.

Also, sometimes different bookmakers have different odds on the same game and same selection. If you play combo bets, you need to place all the selections at one bookmaker, while playing single bets you can choose bookmaker with best possible odds for every single selection, and that way you will increase your chances to make a long-term profit by using the best possible odds.

All professional bettors prefer to play single bets over combo selections because that is the only proven way to be profitable in the long run from sports betting. Still, there is a number of bettors that prefer to play small odds combo bets, but those bettors are not right. Bookmakers love those kinds of players as they bring profit to the sportsbooks. Plain and simple, playing multiple selections lower your chances to be profitable.


Everybody can hit combo bet with high odds from time to time. That is the fact. But single bets will make you profit, while combo bets will give you nothing but a headache. Single bet allows you to choose sportsbook with best possible odds, with lowest margins, and also protects you from “only one miss” on combo ticket.

You need to know that sports betting is a complex discipline. Professional bettors build their bank for years, and they wait for the best games, with best odds and they play only the single bets. You need to be patient and have a great level of discipline in order to make a profit from sports betting.


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