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WTA Tennis Trading Secrets

Sports Betting has several disciplines, and every single sports bettor has a type of play that he prefers. Trading is one of the disciplines that can be very profitable on the long terms if you have enough time and discipline, and most importantly if you learn how to exploit and catch the right opportunities.

Trade Like a Pro –  Secrets Revealed

What is trading? Betting exchanges are the type of sportsbooks that are not typical sportsbooks. At regular bookmakers, you bet against the bookie, while in betting exchange you bet against other people.

The basic concept of trading seems very simple, but this betting discipline evolved over the years and developed into pretty tricky and sophisticated art. Don’t be fooled by various articles on the web, trading isn’t easy, and it won’t get you instant money. It is a hard, long-term battle that requires your time, money and discipline.

Trading WTA Tennis

You can trade almost any sport and event, but some sports are more suitable for trading than others. Tennis, in general, is really good fit for trading as it is a dynamic, fast-paced sport where result changes a lot. So the key factor in tennis is high variability so your window of opportunity will be quite large.

Women’s tennis (WTA) is more suitable for trading than Men’s tennis, mainly because you will see much more serve breaks in woman matches. Breaks of serve make the market move fast in both ways, and that’s why women’s tennis is far more volatile.

How to start?

Best possible way to start is to pick the women’s tennis match where there is no big favorite and where the odds on both players to win the match are equal. That way you will have more opportunities to trade in play and to avoid rookie mistakes.

When the game starts, watch the market and wait for the first brake. When one of the players lose their serve in those type of games odds, move rather fast, and a player who lost the serve becomes the underdog.

At that point you have two options:

-To back the underdog or

-To lay the favorite (it is your choice, both ways are ok).

After that, you have to wait and hope that player that lost the serve will re-break their opponent. When that happens, odds will move once more, and you will be given the opportunity to make a sure bet.

When re-break occurs you need to:

-Lay the player you backed after the first break or

-Back the player that you chose to lay in the first bet.

Congratulations! After this step, you made a tidy profit and successfully finished your trade.

Tricks to get more trading opportunities

Not every player or every women tennis match is suitable for trading. Some players lose their serve more often and some players have a good return of serve. Those type of players is the perfect fit for your trading.

For example, in the past, Serbian tennis player Jelena Jankovic was a favorite player to many professional traders. She had really poor serve, but her return was extraordinary and in matches where she played it was a big number of brakes.

Also, an important factor that determines if some match is suitable for trading is a type of court. Tennis is played on different courts (clay, grass, hard courts and carpets). Each type of court has a different speed, and there is a difference between a number of breaks that occur in different types of court. Trading matches on clay will give you more opportunities to trade as the ball is moving slower and players with solid serve don’t have an edge on that type of court.

At the end

It takes time and practice to master the art of trading. In order to make a profit, you will need to learn and predict the direction of the particular tennis match. Stats can be beneficial in tennis trading. Statistics can show you trends from past matches between those players. Just remember stats show a lot, but they are not crucial.

Knowing the player’s style of play and their current form is also an important thing to know when you start trading tennis matches.

Also, this strategy can be used in other sports, but you need to find the games where the big moves in the market are expected.

Overall, to trade successfully, you need to be patient and able to find the best moment when you will jump onto the train. Good Luck!


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