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Over/Under Market (Football betting strategy)

The modern sports betting is much more than the simple 1X2 market. Bookmakers offer a wide range of markets where bettors can bet on everything and anything in the football game. Football bettors always look to find a more profitable market, and Over/Under market is an interesting one if you hate losing your bets on the 1X2 market.

Over/Under Market Betting Strategy

There are several factors that both bookmakers and bettors look when they are deciding about potential bets in the Over/Under goals market. There are several strategies that you can play in Over/Under market. In this article, we will write about simple Over/Under goals strategy that can be used in football, but also in basketball (Over/Under points), where it showed a lot of promising results. If you understand how to play this strategy and implement it right, you can expect a steady profit from sports betting.

Finding the Best Possible Bet

In order to implement this Over/Under strategy correctly you will need to do proper research of your possible selections. You need to find fresh stats and data about teams and their performances. On the internet, you can find several beneficial websites that will provide you with data about the best possible leagues and teams for Over 2.5 or Under 2.5 game.

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It is important to underline that this strategy isn’t suitable just for Over 2.5 goals market as many bettors tend to think. There is plenty of value in Under 2.5 goal market as well if you know how to filter the information properly.

For example, at the moment German Bundesliga average 3.64 goals per game, England Premier League 2.77 goals per game and Spain Primera 2.47 goals per game. As you may see, every league has something different to offer and, this stats are just a top of an iceberg.

This season best leagues for Over 2.5 goals market are Scotland Highland League with 4.45 goals per game, Denmark U17 League with 4.39 goals per game and Germany Oberliga Bremen with 4.35 goals per game.

On the other hand, leagues that are perfect for Under 2.5 goals market is Morocco elite 2 with 1.52 goals per game, Montenegro 1st League with 1.60 goals per game and Italy Serie C with 1.87 goals per game.

As you may see those stats will give you head start. Now it is time to cross-reference this information with team stats. When you look at team stats, it is important to look for a home and away record of each and every team you want to play, as many teams deploy different tactical approach when they play at home and when they play away.

What odds should you accept?

After you found the best possible games to bet on, it is time to determine are the odds worth betting on.

You need to convert probability into decimal odds and determine is it a selected game worth your time and money. Calculating probability into decimal odds is rather easy.

Decimal odds = 100 / probability

So if your bookie gives you 1.80 odds on Over 2.5 goals, it means that bookie thinks there is 55.55% probability that the game will end with more than 2 goals.

Of course, this formula doesn’t guarantee that you will select a winning bet. It merely helps you determine if the odds are worth playing on them.

When you find the game where the probability is higher in your calculation than odds bookie offers it is a perfect game to place a bet. The same strategy is used for Over 2.5 goals market and for Under 2.5 goals market.

With proper research, you will be able to find value bets that will make you a nice profit in the long-term no doubt.

Is this Strategy Profitable?

Of course, it is. If you follow the basic rules of sports betting and show a great level of discipline, this strategy will make you constant long-term profit. This strategy is for single bets only. Single bets are better than combo or accumulator bets. They are safer for your bank, and they will make you a consistant profit.

If you do research right, you will be able to predict how many goals will be scored in every game. Goals are a constant factor in the game of football. That is the best thing about the goals market. You don’t care who will win you just predict how many goals will be scored.


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