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Excellent Live Betting Strategies

In the past recent years Live Betting became a really popular way of sports betting around the world. There are several reasons why this happened. Betting on pre-game markets is exciting, but betting live when you watch the game adds something extra to the whole experience of sports betting. Also, when you watch the game on your TV or mobile device, you can see how the teams perform and you can adjust your betting strategy accordingly.

Excellent Live Betting Strategies

That’s why almost all big online sportsbooks implemented live betting option into their platforms, and today live betting revenue is even bigger than on the pre-game markets.

There are several really good sportsbooks for the live bet players. Maybe one of the most popular sportsbooks is Bet365(Review Link), but there are several other really good and reputable books that offer live betting such as William Hill, Marathonbet and Betfair(Review Link).

In this article, we will talk about some interesting live betting strategies in football that can help you earn some money. We tested those betting strategies for two years, and they showed some incredible long term results.

Live Bet vs. Pre-Game Betting

There is no big difference in the layout of the sportsbook when you look at the pre-game market and in play market. The In-play market offers to the bettors almost all betting markets that are available before the game starts.

The most significant difference is that the in-play market is pretty fast moving and you can see the odds and lines shift in a matter of seconds. Bookies react on almost everything that happens in the game, and good sports bettor must act accordingly.

So if you want to be a profitable sports bettor in this market, you need to have fast reflexes and to think on your feet.

Best Live Bet Strategies

Today we will talk about two live bet strategies that are really effective. The first strategy is perfect when the team that was a strong favorite before the game started, or the team that dominates the game concedes the goal against underdog or the team that is not dominant.


In picture 1, you will see the game from Denmark where the home team is 0-2 down in 41st minute of the game, but the stats show that they are far better team dominating in possession and shots on goal.

Excellent Live Betting Strategies Image1
Picture 1

That game is the perfect game for the Live Bet strategy. You need to find the market called “to score in the second half” and to place the bet on a home team to score in the second half.

In the game on Picture 1, the home team actually scored in the 51st minute, and we managed to cash some tasty 1.83 odds.

So for this betting strategy, you don’t need to do extensive research before the game, you just need to watch the game (or the stats) and to see that home team is the far better team on the field despite the fact that they are 0-2 down.

A second similar strategy is called “late goal strategy.” Again, you need to find the game where one team dominates, and the result is not going into their favor. In those situations, teams that are better tend to push more and to play more attacking football, while they open the space for the counter attacks.


In picture 2 you will see the game where one team is dominating, but after the 45 minutes, the result is still 0-0. To implement this live betting strategy you will need to be patient and wait. In the 65th minute, the odds on Over 0.5 goals (one goal to be scored in the game) will be around 1.70, maybe even more.

Excellent Live Betting Strategies Image2
Picture 2

That is the perfect timing to take the Over 0.5 goals in the game bet, as that kind of games rarely finishes without any goals.


As you may see betting in live bet market has a lot of interesting opportunities for the sports bettors. Today we talked about two interesting strategies, but many other profitable strategies can be implemented in order to produce some interesting profit long term.

We suggest you try and bet live with lower stakes in order to get a feeling of how this betting discipline works. When you get some experience, you can start betting with higher stakes, but be aware never to bet more than you can afford to lose.


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