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Asian Handicap Betting Strategy

Asian Handicap (what is it?) is one of the most popular betting markets at the moment in the sports betting world. This market can be a bit tricky for the sports betting beginners, but once you learn all the rules of this Handicap, you will see that there is no better market to gain advantage and edge over the bookies.

Asian Handicap Betting Strategy

In one of the previous articles we wrote about the Fading the Favorites Strategy in Asian Handicap Market, and today we will talk about other Asian Handicap Strategy that also can be profitable in the long run.

This strategy can be used in almost all sports, but we will explain it on football, as most of the sports bettors tend to prefer betting on football.

How this strategy works

In this strategy, it is essential to find the right information about team performances. Many times bookies set the line and the price to lure sports bettors to place certain bets. With this strategy, you will be able to see those “traps” and to take advantage of those odds and lines.

The stat that is essential for this strategy is how many times teams covered the line set by the books. That stat is in US sports called ATS (against the spread). Basically, you look at the teams that are favorites often but tend to play close games, or teams that are considered underdogs; most of the times, but love to play brave and fight hard. Those two type of teams are perfect teams to follow with this strategy.

What Next?

After you find the information about team performances against the handicaps set by the bookies, it is vital to make a distinction between the home performances and the away performances. Almost every team performs slightly different when they play at home and when they play away from home. Also, look for the best possible odds for your bets. That’s why is important to have several accounts at different bookmakers.

Most of the time, favorite teams in big leagues need to cover high lines (from -1ah to -2ah), and that is not an easy task. Coaches (like Mourinho or Simeone) love to take the lead and then play possession football and wait for the end of the game. Also, many times underdogs take the lead and then start defending in numbers. All of those situations are perfect for this Asian handicap strategy.

For example, in the Premier League in the past six seasons, Stoke City covered the Asian handicap in about 50% of their games, while Liverpool on the other side covered the Asian handicap in much lower percents. That means that bettor who backed Stoke to cover the spread and Liverpool opponents to cover the spread made a significant profit over the last six seasons.

After you found your teams that you think are worth backing, it is time to make your bets. Remember to take the odds in the region from 1.85 to 2.05, as taking the lower odds isn’t such a good idea.

In this strategy, it is vital to use a flat staking system and back every single game with the same amount of money. Bet with 2-5% of your bank, and you will be safe if the bad run occurs.


This Asian handicap betting strategy is really profitable in the long run. If you want to increase your profit even more than you should use an advanced strategy that is just an upgrade of this basic strategy. Enhance the odds taking the higher Asian handicap that bookies set. So if you want to back Stoke at +1AH and 1.95 odds, take Stoke +0.5 with 2.35 odds and make even more. Of course with this strategy, you will see fewer winners, as it is a highly volatile strategy, but your winnings will be higher.

Just remember, sports betting isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon, and nobody made a fortune in a few weeks. It takes a lot of time, and discipline to be a profitable sports bettor. Also, gamble reasonably and if you feel that you lost control over your betting seek for help. Gambling addiction is dangerous as any other addiction.


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